Pregnant Shawn Johnson East tests positive for Covid-19

The Olympic gymnast shared the news on her Instagram story Sunday writing, “Got my results back today and they came back positive for Covid. Not going to lie … I’m nervous knowing I’m positive. It’s been a long two weeks of RSV with Drew and now this … my body is exhausted.”
Johnson East, 29, is expecting her second child with Andrew East, a former NFL player.

She went on to write that she’s nervous mainly because “1: I don’t want my family to get sick. 2: I have asthma and have had it my entire life so this scares me a little extra. 3: had a very close family member fight for his life last month while battling Covid so it’s a serious topic of concern/hits home in our household.”

When it comes to symptoms, Johnson East says she’s experiencing a cough, sore throat and headache.

“Just a reminder to take care of yourself. Drink an extra water tonight and wash your hands,” she added.

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