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The popular crowdfunding platform GoFundMe will appear before a parliamentary committee March 3 to answer MPs questions about the fundraiser that collected more than $10 million for the anti-vaccine mandate convoy protest paralyzing the downtown core of the nation’s capital.

The company shut down the fundraiser last week and pledged to refund all of the donations, saying it had questions about how the money would be used. One million dollars was paid out to protest organizers before GoFundMe made that decision.

Protest organizers quickly migrated their crowdfunding efforts to a Christian fundraising site called GiveSendGo. The convoy campaign has received more than 85,000 donations through GiveSendGo since Friday, totalling more than $7.7 million US.

The GiveSendGo site says that, unlike GoFundMe, it does not refund donations because the money raised flows directly to the bank account designated by organizers of a fundraising campaign.

A separate Adopt a Trucker campaign to support the protest has received more than 7,000 donations totalling more than $644,000 Cdn.

In recent days, questions have emerged about how the protesters raised so much money so quickly and where it came from.

A parliamentary committee examining those questions is set to begin hearings Thursday afternoon. It will hear testimony from Canada’s money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog, the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).

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