Canada will send $9M worth of howitzer replacement barrels to Ukraine | CBC News

Canada will announce later today that it is spending $9 million on replacement barrels for the howitzers it shipped to Ukraine earlier this year, CBC News has learned.

Modern artillery guns, such as the M-777 howitzer, require the barrel to be swapped out after firing as many as 2,500 rounds.

Defence Minister Anita Anand will announce the donation during a meeting with NATO allies in Brussels, a government source with knowledge of the file said Wednesday.

Last spring, the Liberal government shipped four M-777 howitzers — out of the army’s stock of 37 155-millimetre guns — and shipped them to Ukraine.

At the end of May, it further announced Canada was sending 20,000 rounds of ammunition and was in talks to purchase an additional 100,000 artillery shells. 

A shortage of artillery and ammunition has plagued Ukraine in its efforts to fight off the full-on Russian invasion, which began on Feb. 24.

The U.S. has supplied over 100 155-millimetre towed howitzers, including M-777s.

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