Uruguay to make vaccination an option for tourists after borders reopen



Uruguay to make vaccination an option for tourists after borders reopen

Friday, October 15th 2021 – 09:59 UTC

It will be a booster dose, since prior immunization shall be required to enter Uruguay as of Nov. 1, Viera explained

Uruguay’s Tourism Minister Tabaré Viera Thursday announced his country would include COVID-19 vaccination to incoming foreign travellers when the country’s borders are fully reopened.

It will be either a booster (third dose) for adults, while the beginning of the treatment will also be made available for minors coming from where immunizers approved for pediatric use are not available. In no case will it be an option for unvaccinated tourists, since having taken a full treatment of two doses (or a single dose, depending on the brand) shall be a requirement to enter Uruguay, Viera explained.

“We have the President’s agreement to offer foreigners who enter the country a vaccine, a third dose or a vaccine for those under 18 years of age, subject to the decision of the Ministry of Public Health,” said Viera with Luis Lacalle Pou.

“It is good news in terms of the safety of our fellow citizens and one more service offered to tourists,” he added.

The measure is expected to become effective Nov. 1, when the borders are reopened to all vaccinated foreigners. Viera insisted one of the requirements to enter Uruguay will be to have the complete vaccination scheme with a maximum validity of nine months.

The official also explained authorities were finalizing the details of the reopening of the borders, a step which involves joint work from the ministries of Health, Defense, Interior and Tourism.

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