Solo travelers undaunted by coronavirus

Amidst a backdrop of COVID-19-fueled travel restrictions, solo travelers are forging ahead with plans to travel more often and more sustainably.  The results of a recent solo travelers survey were announced today. Nearly 3,000 respondents shared their thoughts regarding solo travel and the Coronavirus, making it clear that they have the desire, the financial means, and intentions for their return to both domestic and international travel.

Solo travelers are by nature independent and bold, and that’s reflected in their need to get back out into the world. It is also important to solo travelers to make travel sustainable and supportive of local communities. They don’t simply want to see the world – they want to shape it too.

When they will travel and what will be different

More than three-quarters (77%) of solo travelers are willing to travel internationally as long as they do not need to quarantine at their destination. The survey, with 2,915 respondents, indicates that a Coronavirus vaccine is not the most important factor affecting when solo travelers will travel internationally again. Sixty-one percent (61%) said they would travel internationally once a vaccine is available. Respondents also revealed that travel will take a higher priority than before.

  • 46% will travel more often
  • 25% will take longer trips
  • 16% will opt for greater luxury

Financial means to travel

Survey results suggest that many solo travelers will spend more on travel than they have in the past. Fortunately, the majority of solo travelers continue to have the financial means to fulfill their travel desires. Seventy-one percent (71%) of respondents overall reported that the pandemic has had no impact on their financial ability to travel, while 14% noted they now have more money and 15% reported having less. It should also be noted that respondents over 45 years of age are in a better financial position than those under age 44. However, overall, 43% of respondents indicated that they will set a new priority for travel in their personal budgets.

How they will travel

The survey also asked how solo travelers will travel differently once they can go internationally. More than half (53%) of respondents indicated that they are likely to take escorted tours when they can travel internationally again. This is three times the number who are not likely to take a tour.

The survey also revealed that:

  • 40% will travel more consciously and sustainably
  • 40% favour Europe and the UK as a destination, outstripping every other destination
  • 26% will take more road trips

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