COVID-19 restrictions lifted in South Africa

The government has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions in South Africa effective immediately.

What does this mean?

· No masks. You will no longer be required to wear a face mask when out in public.

· Social distancing at gatherings is no longer a requirement.

· There are no more entry or border limitations when visiting South Africa.

· You do not need to be vaccinated to enter South Africa.

· You do not need to provide a vaccination status or proof of vaccination.

The vaccination program will remain intact and will be integrated into the general health services.
The vaccine decreases your chances of hospitalisation, severe illnesses and death.

Here are 4 ways you can register to be vaccinated:

1. Use the online registration platform –

2. Dial *134*832# and register via USSD.

3. Use WhatsApp by sending the word “register” to 0600 123 456.

4. Call the national toll-free call centre at 0800 029 999, where someone will help you to register.

Click here to read the Department of Health’s full statement on the lifting of the COVID-19 regulations.


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