Yasiel Puig’s Vin Scully tribute is absolutely heartbreaking

Yasiel Puig’s Vin Scully tribute is absolutely heartbreaking

Yasiel Puig, who shot to stardom during his time on the Los Angeles Dodgers, shared a moving tribute to Vin Scully, who died this week. Like many players, past and present, Scully had an impact on their careers and they shared their thoughts on the baseball icon. But Puig took it to a new level when he shared his tribute on Saturday afternoon.

“I worked with legends,” Puig shared on social media. “I am sorry I didn’t get time to make you proud of me again. But I know you still see me. I know you still with me. I will be better and do better the way you all taught me. My three fathers.”

The post included Puig with three icons Dodgers scout Mike Brito, longtime Dodgers manager, Tommy Lasorda and Scully. All three men have died recently.

Yasiel Puig promises to ‘be better and do better’ following Vin Scully’s death

Puig began his MLB career playing for the Dodgers from 2013–2018 and was thought to be one the greatest up-and-comers at the time.  His journey from Cuba to America was one for the movies and the people of Los Angeles were fiercly protective of him. Hamstring issues hampered his career with the team among other injuries and his stock began to fall. He was involved with an on-field brawl, was often in trouble with the law.

In March 2021, Puig was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a Staples Center bathroom during a Los Angeles Lakers game. He denied the allegations, calling them “false and malicious” but later settled his sexual assault lawsuit.

“Vin is like a father for me,” Puig told TMZ. “Same to Tommy Lasorda and Mike Brito. We so sad to miss all these three amazing guys. Sad for myself and for all baseball, for Los Angeles.”

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