Yankees: Aaron Boone continues to walk a tight rope on Josh Donaldson situation

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone’s comments on Josh Donaldson are telling — he doesn’t want to lose the locker room.

Somewhere deep down, Boone knows what Donaldson said was out of line. He just doesn’t feel like he can say that outright.

Donaldson called Tim Anderson ‘Jackie’ on Saturday, which led to some tense moments in the White Sox-Yankees game. After the game, Donaldson admitted to that fact after it was revealed by Anderson, calling it an inside joke between the two.

Said joke goes back to a 2019 article in which Anderson referred to himself as the modern-day Jackie Robinson. Still…that’s pretty clearly not an appropriate joke for Donaldson to make. Plus, these two have never liked each other.

In response, Boone made it clear he doesn’t agree with Donaldson’s comment, but still somewhat defended him.

Yankees: Aaron Boone walks a tight rope about Josh Donaldson

“Josh has been very forthcoming with the history of it and the context of it. So I don’t believe there was any malicious intent in that regard. But you know, this is — just in my opinion — somewhere he should not be going,” Boone said.

As the Yankees manager, Boone has to be a little biased — it’s in his job description. Yet, Donaldson has a long history with the White Sox, and it’s not a positive one. This is the same guy who sought out Lucas Giolito in the parking lot after a game as a member of the Minnesota Twins.

MLB is investigating the incident, and you can expect some form of punishment to be handed down to Donaldson, whether it’s a fine or suspension. And frankly, it’s well-deserved.

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