Who is Jordan Love’s girlfriend?

The Kansas City Chiefs put Jordan Love’s family in the nosebleeds for the Packers quarterback’s first career start at Arrowhead Stadium.

Yikes! In what is one of Love’s largest football moments, his biggest supporters are stuck watching from the very top of Arrowhead Stadium. Such is always the risk when a quarterback’s first career start comes on the road.

Were this Lambeau, you can bet Love’s family would be in a nice, warm suite.

In the first half of the Packers’ game against the Chiefs, the FOX broadcast was somehow able to spot Love’s family in said nosebleeds. We give the producers credit for doing so.

Jordan Love GF

Love’s girlfriend is Ronika Stone, who was seen rooting on the Packers quarterback hard. Heck, he needs all the support he can get given the tough assignment at hand. Stone was a volleyball player at Oregon.

Love had to prepare on the fly for his appearance in Kansas City, as he was told mid-way through the week that Rodgers had COVID-19.

“I was a little shocked but not crazy shocked,” Love said. “Just because with Kurt testing positive earlier in the week, I kind of figured something might happen in the quarterback room. I didn’t know what would happen, but just hearing that, my initial thought was … wondering what would shake out with all of the close contacts and how things would break down and just affect all of us in the room. That was my first thought, and just obviously trying to get my mind right for starting this week. But I prepared for this, and I’m confident in myself.”

Love and the Packers were shut out in the first half.

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