Watch this Dan Bailey supercut of all his missed kicks set to the Benny Hill theme song (Video)

Dan Bailey has been having a rough go of it, and this supercut of all his missed kicks isn’t going to make things any better. 

To say that Dan Bailey had a rotten Sunday would be to undersell how truly terrible he was.

Bailey missed all four of his attempts against the Buccaneers, leaving 10 points on the field in a game the Vikings lost 26-14. The day started with Bailey missing an extra point and ended with him crushing a potential Vikings comeback with a missed field goal that would have brought Minnesota within a score of the Bucs.

The misses came after Bailey failed to make a game-winning kick against the Jaguars, a move that forced head coach Mike Zimmer into a situation where he refused to let Bailey onto the field in overtime. Instead, the Vikings ran plays until they scored a touchdown, thus ensuring the outcome would not be determined by the foot of Bailey.

In his last two games, Bailey is 3-for-10 on his attempts (field goals and extra points combined), and fans have had enough. In an example of being so upset you can’t help but laugh, someone made a supercut of Bailey’s missed kicks the last two weeks and set it to the Benny Hill theme song.

Cry through the pain, Minnesota:

Bailey hasn’t been as consistently bad as his most recent stretch of bad luck would imply. He’s attempted field goals in nine games this season and only missed in four of them. However, he’s missed kicks in five of the games he’s played in this season, and not doing that is literally the only job he has with the Vikings.


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