Watch: Fan angle of 49ers-Packers blocked punt is absolutely insane (Video)

Green Bay Packers fans will never get over the blocked punt in the loss to the 49ers in the NFC Divisional Round. 

It’s probably going to take years for Green Bay Packers fans to get over the loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Divisional Round. Green Bay was expected to blast the 49ers, but things simply didn’t go according to plan.

The special teams unit was a joke for the Packers, with things reaching a new low in the fourth quarter. Thanks to a blocked punt, Talanoa Hufanga scooped up the loose ball and ran into the end zone to tie the score. Then, Robbie Gould kicked the game-winning field goal.

Well, a new look at that touchdown from Hufanga will infuriate the Packers faithful and give Niners fans a whole new angle of the epic moment.

Green Bay Packers fans are furious with the special teams unit as a whole

Where in the world is the effort there? The guys blocking looked beyond lazy here, basically opening the door for the 49ers to get through and block the punt. The momentum completely shifted and San Francisco had a golden opportunity to win things. They took advantage and now they’ll be taking on either the Rams or Bucs in the NFC title game.

If you ask the Green Bay supporters, they want the front office to fire special teams coordinator Maurice Drayton as soon as possible. The unit was a complete and total disaster throughout the entire campaign. The group cost the Packers a potential trip to the NFC Championship Game, plus a shot at getting back to the Super Bowl.

Now, it’s going to be an incredibly long offseason for this team. It’s crazy to think about, but it could be even worse than the one last year which featured an unreal amount of drama.

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