Watch Cowboys, 49ers fans stampede into Jerryworld for Super Wild Card Weekend game

Check out these Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers fans sprinting through the gates of Jerryworld like they are in hot pursuit of a flat-screen TV on Black Friday.

When traditional NFC rivals meet in a big playoff game, it should come as no surprise that Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers fans will storm the gates of Jerryworld like the beaches of Normandy.

The No. 3 Cowboys are set to host the No. 6 49ers in the second game of the second day of Super Wild Card Weekend. Back in the 1990s, these two teams used to run the NFC before Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers joined the party. In a game that features two storied rivals who helped build FOX, it is only fitting that these two massive NFC brands are duking it out … over on CBS.

Though not quite the running of the bulls, here is the metroplex’s spin on the San Fermín Festival.

Why are Cowboys and 49ers fans stampeding through the gates of Jerryworld?

With the camera set high atop presumably Jerry Jones’ ivory tower, third-party NFL observers are wondering why legions of Cowboys and 49ers fans are hitting the holes in the side of AT&T Stadium like Emmitt Smith and Garrison Hearst on the finest of mid-January Sundays. Don’t these fine individuals have designated seats to sit in? Well, what about the standing-room only crowd?

So these people are blitzing the Jerryworld walls like they’re DeMarcus Ware or Joey Bosa or something to go stand upright for the next five hours? It is the price to pay to stand up for what you believe in to cheer for your favorite NFL team to go beat the snot out of conference rival. If Dallas wins, the Cowboys will go to Tampa. If San Francisco pulls this off, they’re off to Green Bay.

Let’s hope the players in this game have as much fiery passion as these two army’s worth of fans.

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