UCLA football fans react to Chip Kelly’s contract extension

The UCLA Bruins have made the decision to prolong the Chip Kelly era of UCLA football and UCLA fans are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

For the next few years, Chip Kelly will continue to lead the UCLA football program. He’s not going anywhere any time soon. The Bruins had the opportunity to wait a little longer for his buyout to hit zero and they instead made the choice to extend their coach for four more seasons.

That’s a pretty good spot for Kelly to be in, but how do UCLA football fans feel about the matter? Well, it looks like a pretty mixed reaction so far.

UCLA football: Bruins fans sound off after UCLA announces contract extension for Chip Kelly

Some are reacting to the news more positively than others. Some really aren’t thrilled about the matter.

There are UCLA fans who believe the Bruins made the right decision. It would’ve been difficult to find a coach that is certainly better than Kelly at this point in the coaching cycle. He’s got the team generally going in the right direction. There are reasons to be optimistic, but they might be easier to see from the outside looking in.

Of course, some might be overreacting a bit.

It remains to be seen how this will all play out. Maybe it’ll work out well and the Bruins can keep winning, just as they started to do this season. Maybe everything will fall apart. Who knows?!

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