Twitter couldn’t hold back the Lamar Jackson bathroom break jokes

Twitter couldn’t hold back the Lamar Jackson bathroom break jokes.

When Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson left the field mid-game it threw up all kinds of speculation about what might have happened. And in true fan fashion, we all agreed he must have had to poop. What else would force a quarterback to run the way he did into the locker room.

And Twitter had a field day with the jokes.

The jokes got even better when, while he was gone, the Browns (hehehe) tried for a two-pointer. Puns everywhere.

Officially we were told Jackson had cramps. He has since returned from to the game, hoping to reverse the damage done while he was in the locker room while *coughs* undergoing treatment for cramps.

All jokes aside, we hope Jackson is okay. The former Heisman winner has already set the record for most rushing yards by a quarterback on Monday Night Football, which is a historic achievement.

Jackson hasn’t returned to the field yet and at press time the game was at a nail-biting 34-35 with the Browns just one point ahead.

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