Tom Brady cashed in with a big bonus for winning Super Bowl 55

Sometimes, it does pay to win. Tom Brady just received an extensive payday from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If you’ve ever heard of the term “incentives” it’s because that’s what plenty of names in the NFL play for. Any time a team can come out on top and win, they’re going to stretch the field and pick up that victory for their franchise.

One of the biggest reasons for a win is the money that comes with it. Players down in Tampa Bay are certainly happy about that now knowing they’ll have some extra cash in their pocket for 2021.

The Buccaneers were victorious in Super Bowl LV over the Kansas City Chiefs. One season after finishing 7-9 in the Bruce Arians regime, the team traded out Jameis Winston for Tom Brady.

Needless to say, they’re Super Bowl champs because of it.

Brady, who turned 43 this year, already is one of the richest players in league history. His two-year $50 million deal with Tampa Bay will keep him happy and plenty rich for years to come. However, thanks to his seventh Lombardi Trophy, his total compensation for the 2020 year will $28.625 million.

Brady is a richer and happy man Monday

Every step of the way, Brady and the Bucs earned a little more cash. Once they qualified for the playoffs and won the Super Bowl, the former Patriot was to earn $2.25 million, per Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio. He also tacked on another $1.125 million by finishing in the top five in touchdown passes and passing yards during the regular season.

What more needs to be said about Brady? One season after finishing with average numbers in New England, he returned to All-Pro form down in Tampa Bay. Throwing for 40 touchdowns on the year, it looked like an age-defying performance to close out the season was right around the corner.

Then again, when throwing to guys like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Scotty Miller, Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski, what more did you expect?

It’s clear the difference-maker this season in “Tompa Bay” was the man under center. Thanks to the risk, Tampa now is world champs for the first time since 2003.

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