This Joe Burrow stat should have Bengals fans ready for playoffs

The Cincinnati Bengals have a brilliant young group of players led by a dynamic quarterback in Joe Burrow. Bengals fans should be thrilled.

Joe Burrow is really good at football.

That’s pretty well known. The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback dominated as he led the LSU Tigers during his senior season back in 2019, a year in which he won the Heisman Trophy and guided LSU to the national title game.

His knack for being really good at throwing the ball and also winning a lot of games is why the Bengals ended up drafting him. Burrow’s first year in the NFL wasn’t great, but his second season is a great reminder of why Cincinnati drafted him.

Now, heading into the NFL Playoffs for the first time in Burrow’s career, it’s a great time to be reminded of how Burrow performs in big games.

Sure does look like he’s pretty good when he’s needed to be pretty good.

Cincinnati Bengals: Can Joe Burrow continue to thrive as the Bengals enter the playoffs?

That’s a cherry-picked group of games that is somewhat arbitrarily defined. So, you know, do with that info what you will. Still, Burrow is such a remarkable athlete and a dominant quarterback. He’s become a force to be reckoned with and what he’s done this season should be acknowledged and respected more.

The Bengals got a bit of bad luck when Burrow got dinged up against the Kansas City Chiefs. Burrow made sure to sit out for Cincinnati’s regular-season finale so that he could rest up for the playoffs, which is the right move for him to make.

Burrow is impressive and young, but his injury history can be a little concerning. It’s good that the young quarterback is taking care of his body as the Bengals start preparing for games that matter considerably more than what he’s played in so far this season.

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