Taco Bell New Years Eve hours: Is Taco Bell open on New Years Eve?

Will Taco Bell be open on New Years Eve?

There aren’t many places that are going to be open late on New Years Eve. That’s just the facts of life. Many stores will close between 6 and 8 PM, and those that are open later, are going to be mostly your big box stores. McDonald’s will be open in some cases until 8 PM, and other restaurants will have various hours, but what about Taco Bell?

Taco Bell is, after all, known for its late-night service. So it’d make sense that the restaurant chain will be open late on New Years Eve, right? Well, with New Years Eve being a very unpredictable holiday and New Years Day being a federal holiday, if you had your doubts you wouldn’t be alone. Many don’t know what Taco Bell’s hours of operation are going to be on New Years Eve, but we’re here to try and help resolve that mystery.

So if you’re someone who has questions about Taco Bell’s late-night hours, we may just have the answer to your questions.

Is Taco Bell going to be open late, if at all, on New Years Eve?

If you’re hoping for some delicious food on New Years Eve, but are willing to settle for Taco Bell, you may be in luck, sot of, as they will be open! If you’re wrapping up at a party or getting off a late shift there aren’t going to be many options open to you, so many will naturally think that a place like this will offer up some sort of option, usually.

Will that change for New Years Eve?

Well, kinda. It really all depends on how late your Taco Bell is open, as some can be open until 3 or 4 in the AM. Most Taco Bells will still be open late, comparatively, but may not be as late as they usually are. Many will close around 1 or 2 AM.

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