Stop the presses! Paul Pierce said something nice about LeBron James (Video)

Paul Pierce of all people just complimented LeBron James, which is a surprise given their past history.

On a recent segment of The Jump, Paul Pierce said that Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is currently the best point guard in the NBA.

Yes, you read that right, the same person who has spent many years trying to undermine James has just complimented the reigning Finals MVP. Pierce even went a step further by saying that James is not only the best point guard but also the best overall player in the league.

Considering the rocky relationship they share and the fact that Pierce is a notorious James hater, this turn of events should surprise many fans. However, it seems like Pierce has softened his opinion of James in recent months, as he also said that James might climb his all-time standings should he win a fourth title, which he accomplished a few months ago.

Perhaps these signs point to a reconciliation to come between the two players in the future.

Should LeBron James be considered a point guard?

Even with Pierce’s comments, the bigger question might be whether or not James should even be considered a point guard.

Last season, he was often listed at that position, but he has primarily played small forward for the bulk of his career.

James himself has been ambiguous when asked this question due to the arrival of new ball handlers for the team.

At the end of the day, it all depends on which position fans believe James to play. If he’s seen as a point guard, then many will consider him the best, but his versatility and impact make it hard to pinpoint a specific role that he fills.

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