Penn State punts after SEC refs forget it’s 3rd down

SEC refs apparently forgot what down it was and Penn State was forced to punt on 3rd and 11.

Penn State fans might have a bone to pick with SEC referees after they apparently forgot what down it was. The Nittany Lions, currently facing off against the Auburn Tigers, didn’t get a chance to try and convert on a third down and long situation.

The drive in question, which happened in the second quarter, got started at Penn State’s 21-yard line.

The Nittany Lions were able to get to their 34-yard line before an intentional grounding play backed them up six yards on first down. Penn State got five yards back on second down, getting to the 33-yard line and setting up 3rd and 11.

And then they had to punt. For whatever reason, the refs were convinced it was 4th and 11 when, in reality, it was 3rd and 11. That issue didn’t go unnoticed by anyone.

Penn State football: Nittany Lions punt on third down after forgetting what down it is

The mistake really wreaked havoc on the play-by-play sections on ESPN’s app and over at The computers don’t seem to know what to do with this sort of human error, apparently.

Right now, the Nittany Lions lead at halftime. Penn State has looked promising and they’re out on top. But, if the Tigers should come back and win this game, don’t be surprised to see some Penn State fans incensed and upset with the SEC refs.

Though this drive didn’t likely impact the possible out come of the game, it won’t make anyone comfortable if there are any other controversial calls from this crew.

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