Pedro Martinez blasts Dodgers pitching analytics less than a minute into Game 6

Pedro Martinez didn’t hold back in unloading on the Dodgers for how they’ve used their pitchers after a rough start to NLCS Game 6.

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and the rest of the team’s staff are often the targets of criticism for some of their decisions. And one MLB legend joined in on that parade early in Game 6: Pedro Martinez.

On just three days rest, the Dodgers put Walker Buehler on the bump to start the elimination game against the Atlanta Braves. However, he looked a bit rough in doing so as he allowed three hits — including two doubles — and a run in the first inning against Atlanta.

That combined with Roberts and the analytics department utilizing odd pitching rotations for the NLCS was too much for the Hall of Famer to handle as he unloaded on LA on Twitter:

Pedro Martinez went off on the Dodgers pitching analytics after Game 6 start

With the way that pitchers have been used throughout the MLB Postseason for a multitude of teams, the Dodgers being one of the most notable as they’ve started relievers and brought starters in as relief throughout the NLCS, this has been a raging debate among baseball fans.

On one hand, the analytics do say that there are situations to pitch guys on short rest or outside of their normal spots. Contrarily, there are those that believe that players simply operate best in their normal roles.

Obviously, Martinez falls in the latter camp — and pretty strongly too. We’ll have to see if the Dodgers’ reliance on the pitching analytics will allow them to complete a comeback in the NLCS against the Braves for the second straight year.

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