Patriots: 3 receivers to target in free agency for Cam Newton

Adam Humphries, Tennessee Titans. (USA Today)

With Cam Newton back for a second season, the New England Patriots need to get him some help in the receiving corps. They have plenty of salary cap space to make this happen.

The New England Patriots are rolling with Cam Newton as their starting quarterback for another season. He signed a one-year deal to remain in Foxborough. Though the Patriots are expected to address the quarterback position in the 2021 NFL Draft, it would also serve them by getting the most out of Newton’s second year in town. They have the cap space, so get the guy some help.

While the Patriots are not typically big spenders in NFL free agency, they are swimming in cap space this offseason. They have roughly $66 million to work with ahead of the 2021 NFL campaign. Since head coach/de facto general manager Bill Belichick cannot be trusted to draft a competent NFL wide receiver, he may want to kick the tires on these three prized free agents.

3 wide receiver targets for Cam Newton and the New England Patriots


Adam Humphries

WR Tennessee Titans

Maybe he just needs a change of scenery to get back to being good?

One wide receiver who could be readily available for the Patriots to take in free agency is Adam Humphries, formerly of the Tennessee Titans. Tennessee released Humphries a few weeks ago after two seasons in Nashville. While he was a productive receiver during his four-year run with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Humphries’ two seasons with the Titans were largely forgettable.

In two years with the Titans, Humphries had 60 catches for 602 yards and four touchdown grabs. During his final season with the Buccaneers in 2018, Humphries had 76 catches for 816 yards and five touchdowns. Though that was easily the best season of his career, he regularly went over 600 receiving yards in a season in Tampa Bay uniform. He is a serious value play here for New England.

No, Humphries is not going to be the receiving talent that transforms the Patriots’ passing game, but he can be a possession receiver akin to what New England was hoping it would get when the Patriots traded for Mohamed Sanu with the Atlanta Falcons two seasons ago. Even with relatively down productivity, Humphries has been known to make a big-time play or two in his NFL career.

New England has the finances to be a big spender in free agency, if it feels so inclined. While splurging on receiving talent may not be something Belichick and the rest of the front office would be totally comfortable with, they might be able to get an under-the-radar receiver in Humphries without having to pay a premium to do so. He is a player they could totally be interested in signing.

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