Packers LB calls out Super Bowl refs for Logan Wilson penalty

Green Bay Packers linebacker De’Vondre Campbell firmly believes the horrendous pass interference call on Logan Wilson at the goal line cost the Cincinnati Bengals the Super Bowl.

Watching Super Bowl 56 at home, Green Bay Packers linebacker De’Vondre Campbell could not believe the referees threw a flag on what should have been a goal-line stop for Logan Wilson of the Cincinnati Bengals.

While there were a series of plays in the final minutes that eventually swung the game in the Los Angeles Rams‘ favor, this play is one Bengals fans will be going back to for years. On a third-and-goal situation, Wilson appeared to have broken up a pass at the goal line, but was flagged for pass interference. This gave the Rams are new set of downs to eventually score the game-winner.

A clearly frustrated Campbell tweeted out a lengthy thread criticizing the officials for this call.

It is incredibly challenging for defenders to make a play on the ball and not get flagged in an increasingly offensive-centric NFL.

He argues that the ball being thrown behind the receiver is what led to Wilson getting flagged on what should have been an outstanding defensive play for the Bengals linebacker.

Campbell firmly believes this single ruling by the officials cost the Bengals a Super Bowl parade.

De’Vondre Campbell rips officials in Twitter rant over Logan Wilson debacle

This is right up there with the worst calls of Super Bowl 56. Another one saw Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins seemingly get away with a face mask on Rams defensive back Jalen Ramsey going up for a ball. It was the first offensive play of the second half and Higgins scampered 75 yards to pay dirt. Was this Wilson flag a makeup call of sorts by the zebras in favor of the Rams?

Let’s hope not, but you cannot throw a flag on that play. The Bengals earned their other pieces of laundry on that defensive series, but this flag in question was the epitome of weak sauce. Though Matthew Stafford could have found Cooper Kupp anyway on a fourth-and-goal, that is probably what the game should have come down to, but the officials decided to ruin the game in the end.

Wilson is an emerging star on the Cincinnati defense, but let’s hope this isn’t his defining moment.

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