NFL rumors: Here’s the Texans asking price for Deshaun Watson

What will the Houston Texans ask for in a blockbuster trade featuring superstar quarterback Deshaun Watson? 

The NFL word was flipped upside down on Saturday with the breaking news that Matthew Stafford had been traded to the LA Rams. Now, all eyes have turned to the Houston Texans and Deshaun Watson. Everyone is waiting to see if he’ll be dealt.

Should the Texans trade the 25-year-old signal-caller, you better believe they’ll want a huge haul in return. But, what exactly will it take for an organization to go out and land Watson via a trade?

NFL fans are waiting to see if Deshaun Watson will end up being traded by the Texans

Of course Watson isn’t going to come cheap, as he’s without question one of the best, young quarterbacks in the league. So, if a team indeed wants to trade for him, they’ll need to offer at least two first-round picks, two defensive playmakers and more.

If you’re a Houston Texans fans, this is the bare minimum of what you’ll want to see come back for Watson. The organization has made some mind-blowing mistakes with trades in recent years, with the DeAndre Hopkins move with the Cardinals still keeping plenty of folks up at night.

Now, Houston is not only apparently looking to trade Watson, but JJ Watt could be on his way out of town as well. The Texans are about to enter a massive rebuild and it’s going to be incredibly weird to see them hit the gridiron with both Watson and Watt not on the field, assuming they do get traded of course.

For now, we’ll be sitting on pins and needles to see if Watson is shipped to a new team. It will be without question the biggest news of the NFL offseason.

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