NCAA Football 24 video game is spitting on the proudest of LSU football traditions

It does not seem like Neck will be part of the NCAA Football 24 video game, LSU football fans.

The fact Neck will probably not be part of NCAA Football 24 for LSU football celebrations should make you never want to buy a video game for the rest of your life.

Is Neck incredibly disrespectful to the opponent? Yes, but this is college football, dammit. There are few ways to prove that it just means more than telling the opposition to S.T.T.D.B. after the Bayou Bengals do something awesome on the football field. Not to say this is the unofficial LSU national anthem, but Cameo did more good for LSU than it ever did for old head coach Les Miles…

When Brian Kelly and his family want to have a good time, they talk out the side of their necks in regrettably laughable fake Cajun accents, just as the good lord intended before you down another poor boy sandwich.

NCAA Football 2024 won’t let us crank some Neck for LSU football shenanigans

Yeah, maybe that five-word phrase is why EA Sports is deciding to punt on Neck. It sure sounds a lot like every LSU offense that was not being conducted by The Geauxt himself Joe Burrow during the greatest season of all time. Few things have hit harder to date than exceptionally petty 2019 renditions of Neck. Burrow was hitting Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson on the reg back then.

When you’ve been tailgating since before the sun came up two days before a Baton Rouge Saturday night, you earned the right to rock out to some Neck when the Tigers do something crazy vs. an SEC foe that you hate. It’s about signifying to the rest of the world that you’re better than them, and there are few songs that let you know that more irrefutably than riffing on some Neck.

The worst part in all this is the youths of the world will be unaware of Cameo’s supreme and undeniable greatness when it comes to college football. These kids don’t play outside anymore. They are so sheltered and need to be cultured, dammit. So let them rock out to some Neck in their PJs and Crocs before Baby Huey has to grow up on the fly during a Baton Rouge Saturday night.

You can play music without words. For those of you keeping score at home, it is also called music!

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