NCAA basketball media reacts to Baylor winning National Championship over Gonzaga

Members of the media were awed by the Baylor Bears as they demolished the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the NCAA Basketball National Championship Game.

Baylor is the champion of NCAA basketball after a thoroughly dominant performance against Gonzaga.

Some may have picked the Bears to win it all, but no one could have foreseen just how much Bayor would outpace the undefeated Bulldogs.

The NCAA basketball media was in the same boat. It was clear Baylor was good. But being this much better than Gonzaga was a shock.

Baylor won the national championship by stunning Gonzaga

The night’s biggest takeaway wasn’t that Gonzaga dropped the ball, but that this outstanding Baylor team should get their due.

Head coach Scott Drew picked up some serious praise.

Baylor did it by finding the antidote to Gonzaga’s formidable shooting.

Comparisons between what Gonzaga did to others and what Baylor did to Gonzaga were rampant.

Some wondered if that UCLA game had any impact on Gonzaga. It was an emotionally and physically exhausting overtime bout afterall.

The Bears defense was the star of the night. They took the Bulldogs out of the game early and never gave them the chance to get back in it.

Maybe there was more to it than just basketball prowess?

Whatever happened, the Bulldogs were definitely not having fun anymore.

It was a sad end to Gonzaga’s undefeated season, but the triumph achieved by Baylor deserves all the attention it gets. They made a statement. The media just had to process it.

A wild March Madness is now over. That’s the biggest bummer.

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