NBA Twitter is working overtime to trade James Harden to the Heat

NBA Twitter really wants to trade James Harden to the Miami Heat for some reason.

If James Harden gets traded to the Miami Heat, you can thank NBA Twitter for that.

The Houston Rockets shooting guard may not want to play another game for the team he is best associated with. While Harden was not drafted by the Rockets, it is in Houston where he became an MVP-level player and truly embarked on his quest to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Too bad NBA Twitter decided a random Tuesday was the day to trade him to the Heat. How could that happen?

James Harden on the Miami Heat gets them back to the NBA Finals

It would take a blockbuster trade to get Harden to Miami this late into the offseason, but that is not the primary reason people are blown away with “Harden to Miami” trending on Twitter.

The thing that is blowing everyone’s collective mind is that it was tagged under politics, and not sports, on Twitter.

The only logical conclusion here is that it would be such a blockbuster trade that it would involved the finest politicians available in Washington, D.C. to even make this pipe-dream deal a reality.

For Harden to be traded to the Heat, it would mean he does not want to play with the likes of DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall. With the way the Kentucky Wildcats are playing now under John Calipari, maybe getting out of Dodge is the best thing for Harden? If he does go to Miami, it will be more about getting in the best shape of his life than enjoying all the nightlife South Florida has to offer.

If Harden goes to the Heat, it means Miami will win back-to-back Eastern Conference Finals.

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