Najee Harris has a warning for former Alabama teammate who has to guard T.J. Watt this week

Pittsburgh Steelers’ rookie Najee Harris gives scouting report to T.J. Watt on former Alabama teammate, current Las Vegas Raiders OL Alex Leatherwood. 

Rookie RB Najee Harris has a lot of pressure on his shoulders as he’s been dubbed the one who’s going to bring the run game back to the Pittsburgh Steelers. What ‘Yinzers’ have learned about him these past few months is that he’s actually pretty funny, too.

Prior to Pittsburgh’s home opener on Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders, Harris was asked if he has a scouting report to LB T.J. Watt on former Alabama teammate, current Las Vegas OL Alex Leatherwood. As expected, he gave a classic Najee answer.

Harris doesn’t hesitate to provide scouting report to T.J. Watt

What’s Najee’s scouting report, you may ask?

It’s pretty clear that Watt doesn’t need good luck as he’s now the NFL‘s highest paid defensive player. On Sunday’s 23-16 win over the Buffalo Bills, he recorded two sacks and five quarterback hits. Let’s not forget his huge strip-sack of Bills QB Josh Allen that pushed the momentum in the Steelers favor.

Watt is the definition of a quarterback’s nightmare. The truth is, Raiders’ QB Derek Carr is the one who’s going to need all of the luck that he can get with Watt coming after him.

T.J. is already earning every penny of his four-year, $112 million contract.

Leatherwood is going to have his hands full, quite literally, while protecting Carr on Sunday. In his NFL regular season debut, he allowed two sacks and five pressures along with racking up a hold and false start penalty. Now, Leatherwood has the task of going up against one of the top defenses in the league.

Sheesh, if I were Najee, I’d be saying the same thing.


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