Mets: Steve Cohen deletes Twitter account after GameStop drama

Mets: Steve Cohen deletes Twitter account after GameStop drama.

Nothing brought the “real” world together quite so quickly as the GameStop stock news where the average person was able to make some good money on the stock market with a little bit of elbow grease and ingenuity. Unfortunately, some wealthy people who’d been making money with stocks for years didn’t take so kindly to being out-smarted.

And Mets owner, Steve Cohen, was one of those on the side of the wealthy man … go figure.

Cohen was one of those men who lost after the GameStop stock drama and he didn’t shy away from discussing it on Twitter … and he didn’t read the room.

“Rough crowd on Twitter tonight,” Cohen tweeted. “Hey, stock jockeys keep bringing it.”

He received so much backlash over his tweets that he eventually just deleted his Twitter with his tail between his legs.

Cohen lost money in the GameStop event

The New York Post reported, “Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management and fellow hedge fund Citadel run by billionaire Ken Griffin had reportedly invested a combined $2.75 billion into Melvin Capital Management, which has been crushed after an attempted short squeeze on GameStop stock. Melvin is run by Cohen’s former protege Gabe Plotkin. Cohen’s net worth is an estimated $14.6 billion.”

So maybe that’s why he wasn’t so happy with the GameStop experiment.

Oh, well he’ll probably be back on Twitter in a few days when the heat cools down and we all get back to arguing about the color of dresses and if we should get the COVID vaccine or not.


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