Mac Jones’ girlfriend helping him learn Patriots playbook

Mac Jones’ girlfriend has been a huge help in him learn the New England Patriots playbook.

Now that he quarterbacks the New England Patriots, Mac Jones is taking the tried and true college approach to being the very best he can be: He is having his girlfriend help him learn the playbook.

Jones’ cerebral nature at the line of scrimmage and the work he puts in off the field are big reasons why he won the Davey O’Brien Award last year and was the No. 15 overall pick by New England. With the help of his girlfriend, Jones has been diagramming plays and doing their own version of walk-throughs to help hasten his grasp of a vast playbook as a very visual learner.

His in-depth preparation for quarterbacking also stems from his youth career on the tennis court.

Mac Jones learns New England Patriots playbook with help from girlfriend

While some people might make fun of Jones for this, you can never put a price on being prepared. It signifies that Jones is all-in when it comes to being the best quarterback he can be. He has physical limitations, and he seems to be well aware of this, which is why he seems to be so invested in getting all the mental reps he can. This has long been Jones’ separating factor.

So if you want to keep up with the Joneses, you now know what to do. When the Patriots drafted Jones, you had to believe they recognized similar traits in him that they saw in Tom Brady. Neither are overly impressive physically, but can absolutely embarrass the opposition at the line of scrimmage pre-snap. Jones did it in the SEC last season, and looks to do the same now in the NFL.

He may not have the highest of ceilings, but his preparation is why Jones probably will not bust.

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