Luke Skywalker himself questioned Aaron Rodgers’ wardrobe during apology

Aaron Rodgers owned up to his mistakes in what amounted to an apology interview but his wardrobe choice even caught the eye of Luke Skywalker himself.

When Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers went back on The Pat McAfee Show one week after his now-infamous ramblings on the COVID-19 vaccine and more, all eyes were tuned in. To Rodgers’ credit, he said he took “full responsibility” for his misleading comments.

For some, however, what Rodgers said wasn’t in focus. Many Star Wars fans were quick to say that the most offensive thing that the Packers quarterback did during the interview was wear a Rise of Skywalker hoodie while talking to McAfee and A.J. Hawk.

That part of the equation didn’t slip through the cracks and, in fact, caught the attention of Luke Skywalker himself.

On Wednesday, actor Mark Hamill, who portrayed the iconic Star Wars character, chimed in on Twitter to express his own apparent displeasure with Rodgers’ choice of wardrobe as he addressed the controversy.

Mark Hamill called out Aaron Rodgers wearing ‘Rise of Skywalker’ hoodie

Probably a pretty good sign that the ongoing story with Rodgers’ COVID diagnosis and vaccination controversy is a big deal when Hamill is chiming in on the conversation.

Given that Hamill is known for being quite tongue-in-cheek and quippy on social media, though, we do have to assume that his comments are all in jest — even if his opinions on Rise of Skywalker have been mixed in the media over the past couple of years.

Regardless, it’s still highly entertaining to see the most famous Skywalker of the iconic franchise notice and comment on Rodgers’ hoodie.

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