Look: Spencer Rattler shows off 2 new cars in NIL deal

Life is great for Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler and it got even better with two new sweet cars he got as part of his latest NIL deal.

Spencer Rattler has it made. The starting quarterback of the Oklahoma Sooners is one of the leading Heisman Trophy candidates and to be the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft.

He’s also got two new cars to ride around campus as part of his latest NIL deal.

Rattler has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the new rules in college that allow athletes to cash in on their name, image and likeness.

After securing a NIL deal with Fowler Automotive Group, Rattler has his choice of a 2021 Ram TRX or a 2021 Widebody Charger Scat Pack to drive him to and from class and/or practice.

“Being QB1 for one of the best football programs in the country is hard work but all the hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed,” Fowler Automotive wrote on Twitter. “Fowler Automotive wanted to find a way to keep our boy Spencer Rattler comfortable, when he is driving to and from practice, and even though there is only one Spencer, having just one car wasn’t going to be enough, so we went big with two vehicles.”

Spencer Rattler shows off 2 new cars as part of NIL deal

College football players showing off their cars in previous years used to be a feeding frenzy for rival fans to accuse the player and program of improper benefits. Now, an athlete posing with a car or two is nothing to raise an eyebrow from rival fans, unless it’s out of jealousy because their star quarterback hasn’t inked a deal with a local dealership.

Rattler hasn’t had many challenges on the football field this year but it may be a tough call for him to decide which car to drive on any given day. It’s better to have options than none at all though, right?

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