Logan Ryan destroyed Titans fans by slamming their passion

Logan Ryan seems to love New York Giants fans. However, he doesn’t exactly have a lot of love for Tennessee Titans fans from his time playing in Nashville. 

New York Giants safety Logan Ryan sure seems thrilled to be playing for a team that apparently has passionate fans. According to Ryan, it’s a “privilege” to play for the Giants largely due to the traditions and passion that fans have for their team.

Ryan had the opportunity to praise the fanbase that currently supports him because he was asked a question about how they were angry and disappointed in the way the Giants were struggling. Interestingly enough, Ryan also took the opportunity to throw some shade at Tennessee Titans fans and burn a bridge in the process.

In the same answer, Ryan compared Giants fans to Titans fans, saying the latter fanbase was “nonexistent” and that it took slashing ticket prices to get folks to show up.

Tennessee Titans: Logan Ryan trashes “nonexistent” Titans fanbase while praising New York Giants fans


Folks in Nashville may not love that quote.

It’s an interesting critique that will definitely endear Ryan to Giants fans and people in New York. Rather than just tossing the fanbase under the bus or lashing out in retaliation to the way they’re angry, he rolled with it and acknowledged that they have the right to be upset. He also openly appreciated their frustrations and recognized their passion.

But there’s no way Titans fans are going to be thrilled with this. Because, whether or not Ryan believes it, they do exist. At least some of them do.

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