Kevin Greene’s motivational speech to Clay Matthews in Super Bowl 45 will give you chills

What Kevin Greene said to Clay Matthews during Super Bowl 45 takes on a new meaning now.

From one incredible pass-rusher to another, Kevin Greene provided some extra motivation to Clay Matthews to make a big-time play in Super Bowl 45 for the Green Bay Packers defense.

Greene passed away at the age of 58 on Monday morning. His sudden death was a shock to the NFL and college football world. The Pro Football Hall of Famer ranks third all time in sacks from his illustrious career primarily with the Los Angeles Rams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Carolina Panthers. Greene starred collegiately at Auburn and served as a position coach for the Packers.

Kevin Greene telling Clay Matthews, “it is time” is now part of his legacy

Greene had long-flowing blonde hair during his 15-year NFL career. A few years before he finally earned Canton enshrinement in 2016, Greene was Matthews’ position coach in Green Bay. Matthews was only two years into his NFL career, but the son of a legendary linebacker himself, he knew that big-time plays have to come from big-time players in big-time moments.

Like a prophet, Greene told Matthews, “it is time”. Not long after Greene uttered his oracular spectacular, Matthews would force a fumble on the Pittsburgh Steelers offense to help tip the scales forever in Green Bay’s favor in Super Bowl 45. Greene would go on to coach the New York Jets, but Matthews and this play are his most indelible impact during his coaching career.

Matthews is not Matthews without a little push and inspiration from Greene at that time.

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