Juan Soto rumors: 5 monstrous trade packages to land Nationals star

Juan Soto rumors have been unleashed on the world and these five blockbuster trades might be enough to land him. (Photo by Brett Davis/Getty Images)

Juan Soto rumors have taken over the MLB landscape. These five monster trades might be enough to land the Washington Nationals superstar.

Juan Soto rumors are beginning to circulate all over the internet. The Washington Nationals star turned down an offer from the club to remain there for the next 15 years and rake in $440 million.

It’s life-changing money but also maybe a little less than he believes he can receive. He is a young superstar and bound to get some record-breaking offers in free agency once he does reach the open market.

The Juan Soto rumors about his future in Washington now pivot to where the Nationals could trade him. And these five monstrous trade packages might be close to what it could take to land him.

Juan Soto rumors: The Dodgers trade package to land him

The Los Angeles Dodgers already sent a bunch of prospects to Washington at last year’s trade deadline when they acquired Max Scherzer and Trea Turner. Will history repeat itself this year with Soto heading to Hollywood?

We can pivot to Jeff Passan for an idea as to what a trade package for him might look like.

The Dodgers would be sending a mix of major league and minor league players to Washington for just one player. This is an absolute haul and possibly worth it for one of the league’s best teams at developing minor leaguers and also paying free agents.

Los Angeles was already a logical destination for Soto to land in free agency. A trade would only hasten this with the star outfielder repeating what Mookie Betts did when the Dodgers picked him up from the Boston Red Sox several years ago.

The Dodgers could also be willing to eat a bad contract from Washington and maybe keep one or two of the players Passan offered. Taking on the contracts of Patrick Corbin or Stephan Strasburg could go a long way toward making them a favorite.

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