John Calipari has historical expectations for this Kentucky team

Kentucky basketball fans should be excited about everything John Calipari is hoping his Wildcats can accomplish this season.

John Calipari wants the Kentucky basketball team to thrive at a remarkable and also slightly absurd level.

According to a post from A Sea of Blue, Calipari is hopeful that yet another Wildcat will go out and score 25 points in a game at some point this season. So far, five Kentucky players have done just that. That number ties a record.

Calipari apparently wants a sixth player to join the likes of TyTy Washington, Sahvir Wheeler, Oscar Tshiebwe, Kellan Grady, and Keion Brooks, according to A Sea of Blue.

Following Kentucky’s win over LSU on Wednesday, Calipari expressed the desire to get someone else to score a bunch of points this year.

According to Kentucky Sports Radio, Calipari wants someone else to be able to “make some baskets for [his team] to separate.”

“We have five guys that have scored 25 points in a game,” Calipari said Wednesday, according to Kentucky Sports Radio. “I would like to get one more guy to do that so we have six, because you’re going to get in a game and someone may need to make baskets for you to separate. Either they’re making shots and you’re going to have to score some baskets to separate.”

A narrow defeat to Arkansas shouldn’t deter Calipari’s squad, which still looks like a Final Four contender out of the SEC.

Kentucky basketball: Calipari apparently wants Wildcats to make history this season

It sure looks like Calipari is ambitious and wants the Wildcats to achieve greatness.

Part of that is clearly because this is his job. He’s in charge of the Wildcats and is supposed to help develop his players so that they can achieve greatness and win a lot of games. But these sorts of ambitions are pretty high. These sorts of goals are pretty lofty.

But why shouldn’t he be setting high goals? Why shouldn’t he hope his team finds new ways to make history?

Plus, this could pay off well once the NCAA Tournament begins. There’s a chance that he might need any number of Wildcats to be capable of scoring 25 points in a game during March Madness so that his team actually has a real shot of surviving and advancing. Having multiple scoring threats is a good thing. Getting these guys accustomed to going out and taking over a game at any given point could really help Calipari and Kentucky this year.

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