Joel Embiid responds to ongoing Ben Simmons’ drama

Joel Embiid took time during the Philadelphia 76ers’ media day to address the ongoing Ben Simmons saga.

All-star point guard Ben Simmons has dominated most of the NBA off-season talk. It was highly speculated that Simmons wanted out of Philadelphia, but Simmons made it official last week.

Despite all the noise surrounding the team, members of the organization have remained relatively quiet. Head coach Doc Rivers recently broke his silence last week in an appearance on ESPN. Today All-Star center Joel Embiid spoke on the situation during the team’s media day.

Embiid discussed his feelings over the course of numerous long answers. He started by empathizing with Ben Simmons.

Embiid said that although the situation is unfortunate and he himself would not want to be in that position, “we have to grow up” and deal with trade rumors as it is a part of the business. Embiid went as far as to say that he would approve a trade that involved himself going to the Warriors for Steph Curry and Klay Thompson just because he understands a franchise must do what they think is in their best interest.

Joel Embiid is disappointed with the Ben Simmons situation

Embiid does make clear that he doesn’t think trading Simmons away is in the best interest of the Philadelphia 76ers. In a nearly six-minute exchange with reporters, Embiid articulates how he would have expressed to Simmons that he is “disappointed” with the entire situation if they had the chance to sit down and talk.

Embiid clarified that he wasn’t disappointed with Simmons, but just the fact that their time together could be coming to an end with marginal success. Citing the team’s regular season’s dominance, Embiid said he wants to encourage Simmons to come back because they know that it can work, everybody just needs to take that next step and play to their potential for the regular-season success to carry over to a championship.

While Joel Embiid’s words seemed sincere, they may have fallen on disinterested ears, as Ben Simmons seems to have his mind made up that his time in Philly is done.

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