Jimbo Fisher makes NIL claim clearly refuting Nick Saban’s comments

Jimbo Fisher’s latest claim about Texas A&M’s NIL situation will have Nick Saban Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie-throwing mad.

During a sit-down interview with KSAT 12’s Greg Simmons on Instant Replay, Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher makes a claim about the Aggies’ NIL situation that should send Alabama head coach Nick Saban over the edge into the depths of madness.

Fisher claims of the 11 early enrollees who are part of Texas A&M’s 2022 recruiting class, only one has a NIL deal in place. He checked with the university’s compliance office, and this is what they told him. This interview was split into two parts. However, about it becomes very uncomfortable about 90 seconds into this four-minute clip. It is awkward, incredibly defensive and just too much.

If Fisher claims to have done nothing wrong, then why does he come across so painfully guilty?

Texas A&M HC Jimbo Fisher says only one early enrollee has an NIL deal in place

To be completely honest, it feels like we are living inside of a 30 for 30 documentary. Thankfully, ESPN will have all the broadcasting rights to SEC football by the time this project gets green lit in the coming years. We are not dumb. We have seen so many documentaries over the years where the antagonist lies through their teeth when confronted by the media. Is history repeating itself?

Look, if Fisher is doing nothing wrong, then he should sleep well at night. What does need to happen is for somebody on god’s green earth to step up and put some regulations on NIL and the transfer portal in college athletics. Compensation and freedom are two wonderful things, but college football is too big of a business to be in stuck in the Wild, Wild West for very much longer.

Eventually, some of these alleged loopholes will be closed and others will have to be exploited. The best programs will know how to navigate them because that is why they are the best. In the meantime, Texas A&M is not doing a great job of playing nice in the NIL era of college football. Alabama is furious. It is never a great idea to make the preeminent power out to be a chump.

If you were able to make it through the entire video clip of Fisher without cringing, good for you!

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