Is Lowe’s open on Thanksgiving?

Can you go to Lowe’s on Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time. A time for family to get together, be around one another, and celebrate all the reasons we have to be thankful. Thankful for things like food, shelter, clothes, and a local pro sports team that doesn’t completely suck. People should also be thankful for that one relative to not be cooking this year. You know the one, the aunt or uncle who always burns the turkey and nearly sets a fire each and every…what’s that? You’re one of the few who didn’t get he or she away from the culinary cooking torch and now your house is a bit darker in spots? Yeah, you might need to go to Lowe’s for some repairs.

So considering that people try dunking things in hot boiling oil to cook them these days, you might be among the few very possible few that hat you may need to repair something on Thanksgiving. Or lots of somethings.

So you’re probably wondering if you’ll be able to go to Lowes on Thanksgiving day.

Lowes Thanksgiving hours

So you’re the poor soul that let aunt or uncle what’s-their-name near the turkey and a deep friar. Welcome, you’re not alone. Yes, you suffered some minor damage when the turkey jettisoned out of the friar and through the skylight your spouse just had to have. Can you go to Lowe’s to get the things needed to fix it?

Sadly, no. You’re going to have to be preemptive in your repairs or wait until the following Friday. Lowe’s is open on Wednesday for their regular hours, so if in the future, you can always go there and buy things you think you may need for Thanksgiving. Tarps to cover exposed holes is always a solid place to start.

Assuming the damage isn’t too bad, Lowes will be open as usual on Black Friday.

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