Is Burger King open on Thanksgiving?

Can you get food from Burger King on Thanksgiving?

The road trips to see family on holidays can be long, hard, and boring. Heck, you may find yourself leaving your house early, their house late, or just running late in general. It can be hectic. Even more hectic if you’re going to two or three different locations on the same day. Maybe this Thanksgiving you’re leaving your mom’s house to go to your friend’s house and somehow will end up missing dinner at both locations. That’s when you’ll want to stop along the way and get something to eat. So will you be able to stop at, say, a Burger King this year to get food?

It’s not unrealistic to plan for an unconventional meal on Thanksgiving. Meals get delayed and people are always rushing about. Maybe someone undercooks the turkey or overcooks the pies (the horror), and you may feel those hunger pangs bubbling up.

Getting some chicken fries can help hold you over, especially if someone is serving their Thanksgiving dinner later than usual this year.

Burger King Thanksgiving hours 2021

Luckily for you, if you’re out and about and in need of food, for whatever reason, you’ll be able to stop at Burger King to get your food fix. So if this is the year the grandparents want to have a later dinner to help curb people leaving early for Black Friday, and you don’t think you’ll make it to 8 p.m., don’t worry, you can always slide on down to your local Burger King and get a Whopper and fries.

Be sure to check hours ahead of time, as Burger King’s hours of operations very well may vary from store to store. As restaurants are independently owned, each ownership group will decide what their own hours are for the day.

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