Freddie Freeman signs: Best memes and tweets about Dodgers new superteam

New Los Angeles Dodgers star Freddie Freeman signed a contract in the wee hours of the morning. Safe to say, the Dodgers are World Series favorites.

Just because LA enters the season as potential World Series frontrunners, does not mean they’ll end it that way.

However, Los Angeles clearly means business, as they signed All-Star Freddie Freeman to be their new first baseman. In doing so, they’ll likely move Max Muncy to second base. The Los Angeles lineup is expected to be elite heading into next year, and assuming they address some other needs in the bullpen, who knows how far this team can go?

Is there a salary cap in baseball?

All the Dodgers have to worry about is a luxury tax, which is set at $230 million per Spotrac. Los Angeles, along with the New York Mets and a few other teams, will surely come in over that mark.

What that means is they’ll be forced to pay a competitive balance tax, or CBT, which will be disseminated to some of the less expensive teams in hopes of them investing more in their product. The system itself doesn’t work nearly as effectively as a real salary cap, or a salary floor for that matter.

Freddie Freeman: Best memes and tweets about Dodgers superteam

This’ll take some getting used to.

There were plenty more where that came from.

Whether this Dodgers superteam works out in the end remains to be seen, but Los Angeles’ is significantly invested in its success.

Teams don’t just hand out over $160 million without expectations attached. Now it’s up to Freeman to deliver.

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