Eagles: Could Carson Wentz be the next big name quarterback traded?

With Jared Goff heading to the Motor City, there’s now a chance that the Philadelphia Eagles could still deal Carson Wentz. 

Everyone assumes that Nick Sirianni was hired by the Philadelphia Eagles to fix Carson Wentz this offseason. Sure, that probably played a role in the process, but Sirianni’s nonchalant comments on the quarterback room suggests otherwise.

“We have two quarterbacks in Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts that are top notch quarterbacks,” Sirianni told reporters at his introductory presser Friday. “A lot of teams don’t have any, and so I’m really excited to work with both of them.”

Two is better than one. Why? It makes one expandable via the trade market. Howie Roseman might love Wentz the person, but football is still a business first. And after the news of Matthew Stafford breaking the internet, the Eagles must at least look into it.

Stafford was officially traded by the Detroit Lions to the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday evening. The Lions will receive a third-round pick in 2021, a first-round pick in 2022 and a first-round pick in 2023 and potential new franchise quarterback Jared Goff.

Goff, who signed a four-year, $134 million deal in 2019, was viewed as untradable due to the massive money owed to him. The Lions will have to meet in the middle, but the rebuild is officially underway with five first-round picks over the next three years.

Teams always feel as if they are a quarterback away. With that in mind, is Wentz now back on the market?

Wentz still could be moved this offseason

If Wentz is back out on the table, it likely means the team trusts Hurts to be the guy. That or Wentz isn’t in the mood for battling it out with a rookie for starting reps after signing a lucrative deal.

The first thing to look at would be bidding team’s cap space. Wentz will be owed roughly $34 million in 2021 and $31 million in 2022. Philadelphia has an out at the end of the season, but with what they would take on a significant cap hit.

Of the teams that could afford Wentz, the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Football Team offer the best value. Both teams need a franchise guy under center and have rosters that can win now. Washington also is expected to be buyers in NFL free agency, meaning the offense could finally match the defensive production.

As for the Colts? They already have pretty much all the pieces besides a left tackle to contend.

The asking price must be lower than Stafford’s. Wentz has suffered multiple lower-body injuries and continues to be questionable when healthy.

Any player is available for the right deal. Despite the offseason work, should the Eagles garner a price remotely similar to that of Detroit’s former gunslinger, they’d be foolish not to take it.

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