Dusty Baker makes it clear Astros won’t be bothered by Yankee fans bringing up cheating scandal

With the Houston Astros getting ready to take on the Yankees in the Bronx this week, Dusty Baker said his guys won’t be daunted by boos from New York fans.

There’s no question Yankee Stadium is one of the most difficult places to play in MLB. Those fans in the Bronx go above and beyond to make life miserable for opposing teams in town. You can hear them throughout all nine innings of play.

This is something skipper Dusty Baker and the Houston Astros know all about. However, with Houston getting ready to take on the New York Yankees in the first game of their series on Tuesday night, the veteran manager said his players won’t let the heckling supporters have a negative impact on the club.

“It is going to be wild,” Baker told USA Today Sports.

“As far as I’m concerned, it should be over with,” Baker continued. “There are only five guys that are still on this team (from 2017). So are people booing the player? Are they booing the organization? Or are they booing the uniform?’’

Dusty Baker and the Astros are ready for Yankees fans to let them have it

It’s no secret Houston has been getting booed like crazy with fans back in stands this season at a limited capacity. Who could forget when someone actually tossed an inflatable garbage can onto the field to send a message to the club.

MLB was rocked by the infamous sign-stealing scandal which helped the Astros win the World Series back in 2017. Even more damning, Jose Altuve won AL MVP that year. To this day, countless fans, especially all over New York City, are ready to scream at the top of their lungs that Aaron Judge was robbed of that MVP honor.

Once Tuesday night rolls around, you can count on thousands of Yankees fans ready to troll Houston from the top of the first, all the way until the end of the game. Baker and Co. know it’s coming, though, and they’ll be ready for whatever ends up coming their way.


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