DK Metcalf is tired of your player comparisons

DK Metcalf wants the world to know that he’s a one-of-a-kind player in the NFL.

When it comes to Seattle Seahawks second-year wide receiver DK Metcalf, he’s a very motivated young player in the NFL. Never forget that he motivated himself back in Week 12 against the Philadelphia Eagles after defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said he was like Calvin Johnson but not quite there yet. Metcalf took that personally, and then he torched Philadelphia’s secondary.

As it turns out, Metcalf isn’t a fan of being compared to other players. During an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show on Thursday, Metcalf said that he takes comparisons “with a grain of salt” and said that he’s trying to pave his own way in the NFL.

DK Metcalf wants to be the first DK Metcalf

That’s a pretty adamant statement from Metcalf, who’s not looking to be the next Calvin Johnson. He wants to be the first DK Metcalf. And who can blame him?

Following his game against the Eagles, Metcalf said that during pregame, Schwartz approached the wide receiver that he reminded him of the man called “Megatron,” but that he wasn’t “quite there yet.” However, Schwartz meant that as an absolute compliment, but Metcalf took it the opposite way and used it as motivation against Philadelphia. In that game, Metcalf caught 10-of-13 targets from quarterback Russell Wilson for 177 yards in Seattle’s 23-17 win.

Through 13 games this season, Metcalf recorded 69 receptions for 1,180 yards and 10 touchdowns. In fact, he leads all wide receivers in yardage, but only trails Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce in total receiving yards (1,250).

Note to all opponents of the Seahawks: If you want to avoid motivating Metcalf, don’t compare him to players in the game today or from the past. Better yet, don’t talk to him until after the game, because like any great athlete, Metcalf will find a way to motivate himself.

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