Did Kentucky get screwed on missed targeting call? (Video)

Kentucky Wildcats fans are convinced they got screwed over on a missed targeting call late in their eventual loss to Ole Miss.

Kentucky’s heartbreaking first loss of the season to Ole Miss is sure to sting for a little while. Both teams deserved to come away from this game unblemished, but unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

Lane Kiffin credited Kentucky’s offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello for motivating Ole Miss’ pass rush throughout the week.

Yet, on one play, the Rebels may have gotten away with a helmet-to-helmet hit.

Sean McDonough and ESPN’s broadcasting crew appeared to insinuate that the officials got this one wrong, and that Kentucky should’ve been rewarded a first down and 15 yards as a result. Not to mention, the Ole Miss defender would’ve been kicked out of the game.

Did Ole Miss get away with targeting against Kentucky?

It’s pretty clear helmet-to-helmet contact by the Rebels defender, meaning that the Wildcats should’ve been gifted 15 yards, if we’re going by the book.

Do I think the Ole Miss defender intended to hit Levis? No, not necessarily. And that’s the issue here — Levis lowers his shoulder and basically gives the defender no choice.

How was he supposed to avoid a hit to the helmet on said play?

I am not a referee, and for damn good reason. But plays like this are why they’re paid, and I’m commenting on a blog.

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