Cubs face another major failure with Willson Contreras contract

Chicago Cubs fans are furious with the front office following the latest update on Willson Contreras. 

The Chicago Cubs continue to make things worse in their efforts to make catcher Willson Contreras happy. Matter of fact, it seems like that’s at the bottom of their to-do list, as they’re refusing to pay the man.

Ahead of Opening Day on Thursday, president of baseball operations Jed Hoyer told reporters that the team isn’t working on a one-year deal with Contreras and that the two sides will end up going to an in-season arbitration hearing. Goodness.

The Cubs and Willson Contreras need to get on the same page

According to NBC Sports Chicago, Contreras filed at $10.25 million, but the Cubs wanted things to get done at $9 million. That $1.25 million is where there’s an issue for both player and club. Fans have been blasting the front office for not just paying Contreras what he wants.

Ultimately, this will lead to the hearing. With no long-term contract in sight for Contreras with the Cubs, trade rumors have been swirling for a while now. This newest piece of news is basically making everyone at Wrigley lose hope that Contreras will re-sign with the team.

The fans have his back, as they gave him a loud ovation on Thursday. When Contreras jogged out onto the field leading up to the showdown against the Brewers, everyone in the stands made plenty of noise.

As things stand, it really feels like Chicago supporters need to enjoy Contreras donning the team’s uniform and cherish each game. The general feeling is that he’s going to end up suiting up for a new team sooner than later. That is unless the Cubs decide to work with him to get things settled.

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