Cowboys: Dak Prescott’s first pass since season-ending injury was beautiful (Video)

The Dallas Cowboys threw Dak Prescott into the fire, and he responded perfectly.

Prescott dropped a dime to Michael Gallup from his own two-yard line, which is not something most of us expected when the Cowboys lined up for the first time this regular season.

Dallas was rightfully cautious with Prescott this preseason, as he wasn’t cleared to throw again up until recently. His first pass was picture perfect.

Every throw by Prescott will be dissected early on, and rightly so. The last time we saw Dak on the field in the regular season, he was being carted off of it, head in his hands.

Cowboys: Dak Prescott threw a great first pass

It helps that the Cowboys have Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield, of course. Expect Zeke to be fed early and often against the Buccaneers, and moving forward behind what should be a stacked offensive line.

Unfortunately for Dallas, star lineman Zach Martin is out against the Bucs due to COVID-19, but assuming he can come back next week, Prescott should be properly protected moving forward.

Prescott could be in line of Comeback Player of the Year, assuming he stays healthy. His redemption arc is one we can all sign up for entering this NFL season.

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