College football duos: Ranking the 32 best dynamic duos in modern history

Ja’Marr Chase #1 and Joe Burrow #9 of the LSU Tigers. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Some of the best players to ever grace the college football field have come in twos. 

For more than 100 years, great athletes have signed up for college classes just so they can wear their school’s colors on Saturday afternoons and evenings. College football is one of the best sports experiences. Most of that has to do with the stories that come from said players. It’s great to have that one player who leads his team to new heights. The Vince Youngs of the world that put Texas on his back and led them to a National Championship. However, when it comes to a duo, seeing that connection is even better.

It can be a pair of running backs, a quarterback to wide receiver connection, or even a defensive duo that dominates that side of the ball. These duos have been the catalyst for success over the past few decades of college football.

Duos usually appear at the powerhouses of college football. It makes sense. Those teams usually have the best recruits. If teams are getting multiple five-star recruits each season, there is a good chance they get an electric duo out of it. Does it help for parity in college football? Not always, but as this list will show, it’s not always USC, Alabama and Clemson that are getting those electric duos.

These players have been on marquees for years. The fans of these college teams still look back in awe and watch their highlight tapes even 20 or 30 years later. Duos have a profound effect on college football and they will continue to be as long as college football exists as it does today.

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