College basketball media reacts to Kentucky mauling UNC

The Kentucky Wildcats had no issue crushing the North Carolina Tar Heels in Las Vegas Saturday evening. Here’s how the college basketball world is reacting. 

Apparently, the North Carolina Tar Heels simply had no means of keeping up with the Kentucky Wildcats Saturday evening. North Carolina’s neutral site matchup with the Wildcats got ugly in a hurry as Kentucky went out and absolutely crushed the Tar Heels.

The game wasn’t all that out of reach by the time halftime rolled around, but it became incredibly one-sided in the second half.

With an already solid 11-point advantage at halftime, the Wildcats built upon their 40-29 lead by outscoring North Carolina 58-40 in the second half.  Kentucky went on to win 98-69. And for whatever reason, it appears that the Tar Heels had no chance of getting back into this game in the second half with the way the Wildcats were competing.

Now the college basketball world is reacting to the lopsided win. Here’s what college basketball media members had to say after the game:

Kentucky vs. North Carolina: College basketball world reacts to dominant Kentucky Wildcats win over North Carolina Tar Heels

The Wildcats looked phenomenal and that’s not exactly great for North Carolina. So far, this particular Kentucky team doesn’t appear as impressive as some previous teams have. To lose like this is rough and will reflect poorly on North Carolina for a while.

But, with as bad as this loss will look for North Carolina, it’s also going to be huge for Kentucky come postseason time. This is a solid opportunity for the Wildcats to build some momentum moving forward too.

This sort of win is remarkable in many different ways. North Carolina fans likely won’t look at this game that way though.

For two blue blood programs that have certainly not started out as they hoped this season, we’ll have to see what kind of turning point this is for each of them.

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