Christian Pulisic celebrates huge goal by doing the worm

The worm was a sign of celebration for Christian Pulisic after his goal in a game against Panama, and many people loved it.

Christian Pulisic scored a goal in a game against Panama and immediately dropped to the ground. He didn’t drop to the ground to do push-ups, cry or quietly celebrate. He dropped to the ground to celebrate by doing the worm.

It is evident that Pulisic was never a professional dancer.

Why did Christian Pulisic do the worm?

Pulisic actually did the worm for a pretty heartfelt reason. Mason Ogle, a 15-year old fan, asked Pulisic to do the worm during the game if he scored. Ogle is battling osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment. He also has a prosthetic knee, but despite everything, he is still an active high school soccer player and USMNT fan.

Pulisic caught the attention of Ogle, fans and teammates alike. His teammate Jesus Ferreira didn’t expect to see Pulisic do the worm and was surprised by it (via Robert Summerscales, FanNation).

“I had no idea that was gonna happen. When it happened, I was surprised but excited. I think, when you score goals, the best thing is the celebration, and he did the worm celebration, so I’ll rate it like a solid eight. Can’t give him a 10 because he didn’t go back down.”

Pulisic doing the worm was extremely bold, and it will be something Ogle will likely remember for the rest of his life. For that, Pulisic is a highly respectable athlete.

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