Carson Wentz’s awful turnover sums up the NFC East perfectly (Video)

If you happened to be unaware of how bad the NFC East is, just look at this turnover by Carson Wentz.

The Philadelphia Eagles entered Sunday night as favorites against the rival and short-handed Dallas Cowboys. Quarterback Carson Wentz had tight end Dallas Goedert and rookie receiver Jalen Reagor return from the injured reserve and activated for the game. Surely, he’d be in good shape against a porous Cowboys defense, right?

During the first quarter of the game, Wentz scrambled outside the pocket looking for a receiver to get open deep downfield. As his eyes were fixated, he didn’t see safety Donovan Wilson charging at him like a locomotive and in turn fumbled the ball on impact! NFC East football in a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen.

Wentz continues to struggle holding onto the ball

With that putrid play, Wentz now has 54 fumbles in 64 career games. This isn’t what the Eagles were expecting out of a guy who’s been in the league for five seasons and was just signed to a $128 million contract extension last season. How could he not see Wilson running straight at him in the open field?

Unfortunately, one of the four teams in the NFC East has to win the division and earn a playoff spot. We’d safely bet that one of those teams will win it with a 6-10 record based off the performances we’ve seen so far this season. The NFL can’t like this at all.

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